Gordon Gregory

First Name: Gordon
Last Name: Gregory

Gordon Gregory Inquests

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Namesort ascending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location County Death Type Death Method Inquest Finding
William Powers January 14, 1828 at John Powers Union County, SC Accident

do Say upon their oathes . . .that the aforesaid Wm Powers came to his Deth by misfortune by Cuting a tree and falling on him

two negro children two negro children June 4, 1824 at Ellis Palmers Union County, SC Homicide

do say upon their oaths that a negro woman named Sunaka Another of said children property of said Ellis Palmer did . . .choake the said children with a glove

Thomas Hill May 26, 1825 at Thos Hill's Union County, SC Suicide

say upon their oaths that the said Thomas Hill . . .voluntarily and Feloniously as a felon of himself did Kill and homicide himself

Susannah Nuton May 28, 1828 at the premises of Robert[?] Watkins Union County, SC Suicide

do say upon there Oathes . . .that the aforesaid Susannah Suton Came to her Deth by hanging with a cord round her neck to the Value of Six & a fourth cents on a Sowerwood Sapling Supposed to have been commited by Same person

Mary Cole March 4, 1828 at the premises of D A Mitthers[?] Union County, SC Suicide

do say upon their oaths that. . .Mary Cole. . . did kill and homicide her self by hanging her self with a Bridel of the value of twentyfive cent on a [?] tree

Maria negro woman slave April 10, 1825 at Mrs. Williams Union County, SC Homicide whip

do say upon their oathes that from a [?] Given by whiping by the aforesaid Thomas Beleu at his own hous on the 6 Inst with Switches[?] & a blow with his fist which was Given in heat of passion by the Sd Thomas Beleu on the thighs loins belly & breast of Sd negroe Maria but not with the intent to homicide

Larie February 3, 1829 at the premises of Capt Nathan Sims Union County, SC Accident

do say upon their oaths that the said Mr. Lary came to his death, in our opinion for want of attention in consequence of his own conduct exposing himself in bad weather from intoxication

Joseph Burgess boy October 16, 1824 at the premises of Mrs. Hales[?] Union County, SC Homicide gun

say upon their oaths the said Joseph Burgess in manner and form came to his death by a stroke or blows withs with a gun across his right ear and the back part of his head. Supposed to have been effected from every circumstance in our view by George McKnight

Joseph Negroe man April 29, 1828 at the old Quaker meeting hous Union County, SC Accident

do say upon their oaths . . .that the said negro making an effort to Cross Fairforest at Mrs Rices ford was drown

Henry Coil man supposed to be Henry Coil December 25, 1824 at the premises of [??] Union County, SC Suicide

do say upon their Oaths that he with Strolling About Perisht with hunger & Coald . . .did kill and homicide himself

Henry negro boy Slave September 17, 1829 at John Gayes[?] Union County, SC Accident rope

do say upon their oaths . . .by accidentaly hanging himself by swing by a rope used for suspending a Waggon Body

George Darby April 20, 1823 at Lores-ford on broad River Union County, SC Accident

do say upon their oaths that . . .the said George Dary came to his death by drowning while in a state of intoxication & making an effort to cross broad River at Lore's ford to some of the Islands

Charles negro male slave, boy September 20, 1827 at David Johnsons Union County, SC Accident

say upon our oaths that from the testimony before us we do believe that the aforesaid Charles was drowned in Big[? Broad?] River by Misfortune

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