Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
John Nickle October 30, 1853 at the House of David Owens Homicide whip
Humphrey Fletcher April 24, 1876 at Laurens C.H. Accident wagon
Charles June 17, 1865 at Dr. M.M. Hunters Accident wagon
Sam McGee December 22, 1884 at the Rail Road Trestle at Badgetts Mill in Laurens County Accident train
Lillie Washington December 22, 1892 on the plantation of J.O.C. Flemming Accident train
John Winchester October 15, 1890 at Clinton Accident train
Dozier Anderson June 16, 1882 at Clinton Accident train
S. J. Thomas June 13, 1882 at Clinton Accident train
Warren Richards August 18, 1894 Suicide train
David Adkinson June 9, 1894 on the Harris plantation near Clinton Accident train
Will Metts March 16, 1895 at Clinton Accident train
Will Harris June 16, 1896 in Clinton Accident train
Wade Adair December 13, 1891 at Clinton Accident train
L. W. Warren July 26, 1894 in Clinton Accident train
Walker Tobias June 13, 1882 at Clinton Accident train
W. H. Searsey October 21, 1890 at Laurens CH Accident train
Jeff Steel February 11, 1892 at Cross Hill Accident train
Elizabeth Brown May 3, 1859 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
Elizabeth Brown May 2, 1839 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
M. F. Anderson February 22, 1883 at the residence of JR Anderson Suicide strychnine
Jane Smith March 24, 1884 at Tip Top Accident strychnine
John South September 30, 1818 at Allen Clarks Homicide stone
William Owens May 28, 1859 at Wm Owens Homicide stick
Bob January 16, 1847 at Francis Thomasson's Homicide stick
Lucinda Clantice May 1, 1849 at the late residence of Lucinda Clantice Homicide stick
Bill September 29, 1861 at HN Carters Homicide stick
Isaac Whitworth March 8, 1840 at Isaac Whitworths Homicide stick
John Wilson July 26, 1817 at Laurens Court House Homicide stake
B. F. Stephens September 27, 1875 near Cross Hill Homicide shotgun
Charles King October 10, 1869 at Charles Kings Homicide rock or club
L. F. Pinson December 17, 1890 at the Residence of Jabe Pinson Homicide rock
Murian Walker December 17, 1872 at or near Highland house Homicide rock
William Roster June 9, 1891 on the plantation of Go Y Young Homicide rock
William Dillard November 28, 1833 at Pleasant Hill Church Homicide rock
John Simmons March 21, 1810 at John Simmons Homicide rifle
R.Y. Hayne Bell March 31, 1893 at R.Y.H. Bell's house Suicide razor
W. S. Rodgers March 8, 1866 at Clinton Homicide pitcher
Isaac Salter June 7, 1872 at the old Colemans Quarter Homicide pistol
Robert Harris September 13, 1870 at Laurensville, Washington Ferguson's house Homicide pistol
Samuel D. Owings November 12, 1869 Homicide pistol
Seabrook Leak March 24, 1870 at Tumbling Shoals Homicide pistol
Prophet Goodman May 24, 1884 at the residence of N A Green Accident pig
N. B. Anderson November 30, 1891 in Youngstownship Accident morphine
Emily Griffith January 12, 1896 in Young's Township Accident morphine
Corvie Bowers July 24, 1885 at J S Blalocks place Accident lightning
Lewis July 13, 1860 at William Young's darm Accident lightning
Samuel Hudgens November 9, 1854 at Samuel Hudgens Suicide laudanum
Aaron McMahan October 14, 1872 at Eden Homicide knife
Lankin Suber February 22, 1884 at the Vance Place Homicide knife
William Leak October 11, 1812 at Brant Leaks Homicide knife

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