Fairfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Haigood Mirfan[?] Homicide
H. L.[?] Davis Accident
Brown Lee at the McCerkin[?] grave yard Natural Causes
Sarilla Coleman August 5, 1880 at the residence of Henry Jeffares Natural Causes
Robert Vandever May 16, 1879 at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Martin Dunn July 31, 1868 at Samuel H. Stevenson's Unknown
Charles August 2, 1846 [near the house of David L Milling] Homicide
Elliott Wilson at A.W. Ladds' Accident
John M. Kenner December 2, 1821 in a certain wood at Winnsborough Suicide
Abe Dubose Jr. at the old[?] mill place of S.D. Dunn Homicide
Sam October 31, 1840 at the house of Nelson [?] Accident
Mattie Brown March 30, 1880 on plantation of Mrs. Frances Yongue Accident
Robert Gresham Chester Co., at Shelton Depot Accident
Jonathan June 5, 1826 at the plantation of Wm Ader[?] Natural Causes
Unknown at the House of Frank Stephanie Accident
Ned February 15, 1831 near the house of Joseph Gladney Little River Accident
Robert McCants January 27, 1817 at the house of Samuel Alston Accident
Charles Jones February 11, 1879 at R.J. Gladney's Natural Causes
Harry Shelton March 28, 1871 in the County aforesaid Homicide
Harry December 3, 1826 at McClures Creek on the plantation of Martha A Dickson Suicide
Isaac Davis February 27, 1880 at Jas. R. McGills Accident
Unknown November 5, 1857 Unknown
Mary Belton at the Sylvia Brice Place Homicide
Ben February 12, 1840 by the publick Road Leding from Mr. Gaydons[?] Store to Rocky Mount Accident
Hattie Brown March 30, 1880 on plantation of Mrs. Frances Yongue Accident
Nancy James March 13, 1875 at Thomas[?] Fegins[?] Accident
Daniel Fountain Unknown Accident
Dorisa Byrd at Martin Byrd's Natural Causes
Willie Williams Accident
Rachel McBurney October 21, 1833 in the house of Major James Barkley Accident
Samuel Williams at Major Wilkes' plantation Accident
Martha Stevenson Natural Causes
Maggie Henderson at the Dr. Sam Mobley place Accident
Addora Wallace Accident
Silvy Holmes at Ben Glenn's place Natural Causes
J. W. Park May 24, 1870 at Black Jack Accident
Elisha Farless[?] September 15, 1847 at Robert Youngers Mill house Natural Causes
Eugenia Richardson on James McGill's plantation Accident
Unknown July 12, 1878 at Winnsboro
Chas. Youngue at the plantation of Dr.[?] B. Estes Accident
Mary Whitman at R.E. Martin's Natural Causes
Abram Baker March 8, 1875 at April Russel's Unknown
Elenora Yongue near Struther[?] Accident
Unknown May 2, 1862 at the house of Washington Hathcock Homicide
E. P. Brown January 1, 1879 at Mrs. E.P. Browns Natural Causes
Aaron Oxner October 11, 1877 at Shelton Natural Causes
George Craig January 19, 1825 at the house of Mathew Richmond Accident
Amy Thompson June 12, 1878 at or near Shelton Natural Causes
Sallie Walker at M.J. Steel's[?] place Natural Causes
Patrick Bell at Middlesex Suicide

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