Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Namesort ascending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Loucille Pate Cassidy June 19, 1939 at Chesterfield Accident
Lonnie Jordan February 4, 1934 about 5 miles east of Jefferson Suicide
Lola W. Curry December 8, 1943 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Lizzie Clyburn October 10, 1924 at Pageland Accident
Lindsay Adams August 2, 1933 at Cheraw Homicide iron bar
Lincoln Gregory March 5, 1938 at Pageland Accident
Lillie C. McManus February 10, 1889 at T. M. McManus's Natural Causes
Lilie May Dove November 29, 1943 at Cheraw Homicide
Lewis Trabough July 14, 1913 at Cheraw Homicide
Lester Caute Woodward March 15, 1904 at the residence of A. L. Steen Accident
Lester C. Clanton January 15, 1937 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
LeRoy Hancock December 15, 1936 at Mt. Croghan Accident automobile
Leroy Boan May 22, 1934 at Pageland Homicide pistol
Leonard E. Hurst August 22, 1929 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Leonard Dixon October 27, 1934 at Chesterfield Homicide shotgun
Leonard Clark July 3, 1946 at Jefferson, SC Homicide
Leola Sellers June 20, 1932 at W. A. Sellers in Cole hill Accident automobile
Lennie Pope January 24, 1940 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Lee Roy Almond November 18, 1893 at R. J. Almond's Natural Causes
Lee Campbell December 24, 1932 [no location given] Accident
Lee Blakney February 25, 1944 at Pageland Accident plank
Lawson L. Rhodes July 15, 1938 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Lawrence Wright January 10, 1938 at Cheraw Accident train
Laura Doneyhue October 17, 1901 at the Plantation of Geo Gregory, M.D. Natural Causes
L. M. Stroud August 18, 1909 at Tom Strouds Natural Causes
L. J. Atkinson October 16, 1944 at McBee, S.C. Accident automobile
Kissey Blakeny October 22, 1884 at Kessey Blakenys Natural Causes
Kenneth M. Douglas October 17, 1946 at Cheraw Homicide
Juanita White May 10, 1936 at Chesterfield, SC Accident automobile
Joshua Johns May 17, 1937 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Joseph Spires January 17, 1935 at Patrick Suicide
Joseph Homer Lavinge July 5, 1940 at Jefferson Accident automobile
Joseph Hancock June 22, 1876 at Mr. Joseph Hancocks Suicide
Joseph H. Sellers October 6, 1878 at the residence of J. S. Sellers Suicide
Jonah Roland May 1, 1890 at Four Mile Branch Accident train
Johnson Johnsons infant June 18, 1875 at Roberts Tuckers Homicide
John Wilkins December 7, 1900 at the Residence of C.F. Morrison Accident
John W. Buchanan July 18, 1936 at Cheraw Homicide rock
John Taylor March 22, 1918 at Cheraw Accident train
John T. Parker November 23, 1945 at Chesterfield, S.C. Accident
John Smotherman March 1, 1882 at A.B. Reid's Turpentine Camp Accident lightning
John Rushing July 3, 1937 at City Hall, Pageland, South Carolina Accident automobile
John Polk February 27, 1889 at Hannah Polks House Natural Causes
John Marshell Pages August 9, 1901 at F. Sherrell's place Accident
John Madison Winburn April 21, 1887 at J. C. Winburn's Accident
John Jefferson March 17, 1936 at Chesterfield Homicide
John Harrington February 25, 1896 at Dr. J. W. McKay's Plantation on the Pee Dee River Accident
John Gary Baker July 20, 1936 at Augelus Homicide pistol
John Ellerbe March 2, 1885 at McKays Station at Cheraw Accident train
John Dawkins July 14, 1904 [in] Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident

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